A Strange Convergence

In 1996, IMARK founder Bernard Murray decided business was heading very solidly toward a supreme reliance on computers for many mundane everyday tasks.  Windows 95 had come out and was quickly becoming the default operating system for businesses in Colorado.  Bernie was also a film professional and he saw that, while it wasn't quite there yet, computers' use in video editing and effects creation was inevitable.  With the Internet beginning to boom (despite Bill Gates' prediction that year that the Internet would be a passing fad) it was clear life as we knew it would change and change drastically.

Murray formed a company, originally called Internet Marketing, later truncated to just IMARK.  Bringing on various field engineers and crew to help support on-site service, IMARK began servicing clients and hosting websites and email.  This work has grown each year, and the convergence of film/video and computer technical support has blossomed.  The Internet created a way for training and promotional videos to be played instantly all over the world.  Clients were thrilled to learn the possibilities of this convergence, allowing for one source to maintain their equipment while at the same time helping tell others their story.

Today IMARK has helped hundreds of people to tell their stories and hundreds of companies to keep their goals and operations on-point and working well.


For more information or to set a meeting contact bernie@imark-co.com