Managed Services

It used to be when someone's computer was down, everyone shrugged and life went on as usual.  Now, everything revolves around this important tool for data and information.  Our goal is to proactively manage your hardware and software to help avoid downtime whenever possible.

Server Maintenance & Monitoring

IMARK's proprietary monitoring programs monitor your servers 24x7x365 to ensure that your servers are functioning properly. Components are monitored to ensure that issues are discovered and dealt with before they cause an outage. We also automatically update your servers with the latest approved patches.

PC & Server Maintenance

We work to see that your personal computers are always up-to-date with the latest Microsoft patches, your antivirus and antispyware software are current and running, and your hard drive is optimized. In addition, we work to maintain an inventory of your PCs, their configuration, and the software running on them.  We can troubleshoot hardware problems down to motherboard level, and many clients have had us build new servers from scratch.  New parts in and it's back to full function!

IT Audits

Sometime you just need to know where you stand as far as hardware, software and vulnerabilities.  Other times you need to prepare for a transition of some kind.  Either way, an IT audit is an excellent way to document your network and capabilities and create a transitional document that anyone in the IT filed can pick up and begin assisting you with your IT support.  Paper documents are delivered and archive file are kept with 100% security stored offline to the Internet.

Network Attached Storage

We have extensive experience in several of the new Linux-based NAS solutions, like Cloud Station from Synology and the mirrored & raid 5 products from Buffalo and Netgear.  We can even set LDAP for permissions so your domain controller can be used for access levels.  With these products you can easily sync files across platforms and operating systems.

Managed Backups

The backup of your data is one of the most critical items in the operation of your business in order to ensure that you can successfully recover from a system failure or disaster. We oversee your backups with a suitable backup strategy and manually follow-up to see that backups are processing correctly.


We can administer your firewall and we are experienced with Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper and a host of others.  We let you in and keep the bad guys out.

Email Filtering

Email spam is one of the largest nuisances facing employees in the workplace today. In addition, most viruses are transported via email causing even greater disruptions to your operations. We use the Google Postini service to scan all incoming email for both spam and viruses while quarantining problem emails on an individual user basis so they can be managed by each employee. In addition, Postini includes the storing and spooling of your email in the event of an email server outage which guarantees that your company will never miss an email again.

Web Site & Email Hosting

For clients that need basic hosting of their web site and email, IMARK provides and manages these services from our data center.  Depending on your needs, we can provide hosting on a Windows platform and support various add-on components including databases and content management.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

IMARK is happy to provide the infrastructure required to run Microsoft Exchange so your company does not have to worry about hardware, licenses, set-up, monitoring, or maintenance.


IMARK has extensive experience in providing and managing VOIP servers and fixtures.  We know intimately all the approaches to get the best value for your phone system dollar.

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