Business to Business

Some of our clients have critical computers in manufacturing situations.  If a machine goes down there, thirty people are standing around waiting for something to do.  We keep those machines humming a happy tune, proactively servicing them and monitoring their performance.  Of course those same clients have sales, marketing, accounting and human resources functions that all depend on machines we service and tweak.

Church & School

IMARK is pleased to provide services to some churches and schools.  Nothing takes more punishment nor requires a more lively security strategy than a school computer.  We monitor, control and administer access based on a paradigm developed in concert with church and school leadership.


We have actually developed proprietary industrial computer controls that have been used to facilitate feeding 1200 hospital patients per day as well as helping Hewlett-Packard controls create a giant "vending machine" to automatically pick and fill their orders to send to shipping.  It astonishes us every day just what is possible...


We are honored to count among our clients professional corporations responsible for keeping electricity flowing from generating plants all the way to your home.  Other clients invest your money for retirement and make sure your taxes file on time!



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