Our Unique Approach to IT

We have three ways to work with our clients.  Each has it's own rewards and outcomes, and one almost certainly will be the ideal fit.

Monthly Retainer

In this approach, we look at all the hardware and software you wish to have us support and establish a monthly cost for that support.  No matter what happens, virus outbreaks, disk drive failure, network crash; we spend all the time necessary to fix it.  We also are incentivized to spend the time it takes to be proactive with your maintenance and backup issues, focusing on prevention rather than just reacting to trouble.  You also move to the top of the priority list for any "down" issues.

This allows you to be able to plan your IT expenses in advance with no surprises.  The only exemption is hardware, and any necessary replacement hardware we may need to purchase is purchased at our cost and you simply reimburse us.  No mark-up, no resale.  We have no affiliation with any hardware seller and we have discount agreements with several.  All discounts are passed on.

Hourly Rate

In this scenario we show up when you call and charge a fair hourly rate.  We have compared; our rates run about 25% less than those typically found.  We use a cloud-based time clock system that allows us to clock in with our smart-phones and gives you a to-the-minute record of our time with you.

Bulk Hours Purchase

For this, you decide at the beginning of the month how many hours you think we will spend.  Because we can rely on a certain revenue stream, we then heavily discount our hourly rate.  This works for clients who are unsure of what to expect early on in the relationship, and we are happy to provide our discounted rates, just ask us when we meet!


We use a web-based support ticket system that quickly routes your description of an issue to us and keeps a complete database of our interaction so that our technicians each know exactly what's been done and what needs to be done.  You receive email updates and can follow the issue to resolution step by step.


For more information or to set a meeting contact bernie@imark-co.com